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The Spanking Clips download site  From present day or taken back to an old fashioned time when Strict ladies administered even stricter discipline in various forms to young ladies in order to keep them suitably chastised. We produce compelling videos that we hope are suitable to both ladies and gentlemen to view together.  The girls being put through their paces are genuine real life girl next door types who just happen to feel the need to be disciplined.  They are dealt with in such a way that they are suitably embarrased, nervous, excited and ultimately expertly punished at the hands of their disciplinarians. All the clips are split into selected short scenes for you to chose from.  A new and refreshing take on old fashioned discipline.  Girl next door type, 1950’s retro style – a time when strict ladies adminsistered muliple forms of discpline and correction to naughty bottoms in very interesting scenarios

  Erotic compelling authentic discipline – girl next door type scenarios featuring never     before seen models. A refreshing break from the norm….

  • Over the Knee
  • Red Bottoms
  • Knickers Down
  • Pyjamas Spanking
  • Refreshing content
  • New girls getting regular discipline
  • Compelling scenarios for men & women
  • Authentic spankings in 1950s settings

Latest DVD – Sweet Torment & Helen

New in August – Five Words  – 5 clips

New in July – Helen – 6 clips