Miss Svenson – International Headmistress, Disciplinarian, Filmmaker

miss svenson domestic discipline

Miss Svenson is known and loved as the strict but fair headmistress of Bellington Academy.
Her unique style combining traditional British discipline with Scandinavian no-nonsense has made her into one of the best-loved disciplinarians in England and the European continent.



Miss Svenson has been based in London and the south east of England for many years and she still plans to spend time in this part of the world in the years to come. She still enjoys spanking and caning naughty boys or girls and regularly. Her regular clients enjoy the benefit of strict but caring correction and guidance. Her discipline sessions are always tailored to fit the boy or girl’s need.
Many years’ experience has made her uniquely qualified to deal with naughty boys and girls at all levels, from the nervous newbie to the hard-core old boy or girl. A trip to Glasgow is planned for the end of October.



Miss Svenson loves Paris and she has spanked naughty boys and girls in the French capital many times in the past. Although her French language skills are limited, the language of spanking is something everyone understands. She owns a property in a more rural part of France and she will be spending more time there in the future. She will yet again welcome clients in Paris soon and look forward to meeting old and new clients in the city of love. Next visit to Paris will be the end of September 2017.

Other parts of Europe

Miss Svenson doesn’t like to be tied down to one place. She has lived in the US, Germany and Spain in the past and likes to travel around Europe whenever she has a chance. Some of her favourite cities are Copenhagen, Prague, Budapest, Berlin, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Brussels, Barcelona,
Sevilla and Palma.

Asia and Australia

Miss Svenson loves travelling and has spent some time in South East Asia in the past. She has spanked naughty students in Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok in the past and she will not rule out visiting again. She also hopes to visit Australia in the future.

Contact Miss Svenson

Miss Svenson will accept new clients when she has time and if she thinks the client is compatible.
If you are a new client, please introduce yourself properly including your age and experience level, why you want to visit and what you expect from a session.

Miss Svenson will not answer one-liners and cannot call you back.

miss svenson domestic discipline, spanking, caning